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Wormholes and Hyperdrive
« on: August 12, 2021, 06:43:13 PM »
In the Ashes of Empire series wormholes are the primary long distance FTL solution, with hyperdrive FTL jumps much shorter,  in all of the pre-Empire series,  wormholes are not used,  hyperdrive and FTL jumps, when did that transition occur?  It seems as almost the wormhole travel is a plot device to isolate Lyonesse as it is mentioned early on that ships no longer have sufficient antimatter storage to make the long travel through hyperspace. 

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Re: Wormholes and Hyperdrive
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The transition occurred approximately five hundred years before the empire's collapse, circa the 31st century, during the empire's golden age, when it expanded rapidly after harnessing the means to travel through stable wormholes.

But wormhole travel was mentioned in "Like Stars in Heaven" and "Cold Comfort" as a theoretical possibility, though at the time it was thought that only rogue wormholes existed, rather than stable ones which could be exploited.
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